URSUS.IZZUE.BAPE | BRICK LANE Gallery pop up cafe
10 Aug 2016

izzue teams up with A BATHING APE®’s subsidiary line URSUS BAPE for a specials crossover collection – URSUS.IZZUE.BAPE. To surprise our fans, we cooperate with BRICK LANE Gallery to launch a pop up café. For this very first café, it presents the classics and core elements of the brand, bringing a brand new impact to the fashion world. The café is decorated by the signature collaged motif – The BAPE General’s Skull logo and brand logo that reveal the creativity and inspirations of URSUS.IZZUE.BAPE. What’s more, there are special menu tailor made for URSUS.IZZUE.BAPE fans! The special menu for this collaboration are all either engraved with the crossover logo or ornamented with its signature skull logo! The café is an authentic expression of Britishness with twists and elements related to the crossover. This would very likely to be one of the most popular places for izzue fans, fashionistas and those who look for quality lifestyle experience.
19 February, 2019